Alfatek Systems organizes the first 3D Hubs Event in Kolkata

Post date: Nov 12, 2014 5:23:7 PM

While the steam engine and Ford’s assembly line production ushered in the two industrial revolutions, computer-aided additive manufacturing or 3D Printing is powering the juggernaut of the third industrial revolution. 3D Printing allows you to create customized objects without the need for expensive moulds, high set-up costs, and lengthy product development cycles, thus empowering even the SMEs and serial entrepreneurs. The wheel is slowly turning from mass manufacturing to customized production, allowing things to be made in smaller numbers, more flexibly and quickly.

We welcome you to the first 3D Hubs event in Calcutta on 3D printing and promise that it will mark a paradigm shift in your outlook towards manufacturing and product development. A live demonstration of a 3D printer will be given by Alfatek Systems and a real life case study will be presented on how 3D printing is helping La Opala, bring out innovative products faster and cheaper. A number of 3D printed parts will be on display and you will get a first-hand experience of the quality and precision of 3D printed parts and its wide application in industry .


1. Live demo of a FDM based 3D printer in action

2. Exhibition of the different products made from the machine - applications for industry, and academia.

3. Short presentation of 3D printing and its potential for industry.

4. Questions & Answers

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In case you are a student or know one?

Well, it’s your lucky day! The first 1000 to join the 3D Hubs education program get a $25 free printing credit. Hurry up though, they're going fast!

In case of any queries about the event please feel free to contact Sumant @ 9883049739.

Looking forward to meeting you,