Alfatek Systems is a privately held IIT-IIM venture in 3D printing and electronics technologies. Our customers include the biggest corporate names - ITC, Tata Steel, L&T, and the biggest R&D institutions - AIIMS, IITs, NIPERs, IISERs, etc. We have a presence in more than 150 R&D labs in India and build customized 3D bio-printing and polymer extrusion machines for use by researchers in 3D printing tissues, and organs. We also offer in-house 3D printing services to clients for new product development.We are also the authorized Indian dealers for reputed US and European brands like regenHU, Brinter, Noztek, Olivetti, 3D Systems, Manchester Biogels, etc.

Our work has been featured multiple times in media outlets like Times of India, Dainik Jagran, CNBC TV, India Today TV, etc and we have been invited by the Chinese Govt to show-case our technologies. I have co-authored 3 international journal publications in 3D bio-printing, and serve as a reviewer in various journals from Taylor Francis, Academia, SBAO. We are also involved with various Indian Govt initiatives like Hardware Hackathon. We were selected as amongst the top 10 start-ups in IIT2020 Startup Spotlight organized by pan-IIT USA and have delivered invited guest lectures in numerous conferences and  webinars, organized by prestigious institutes. You can learn more details about our activities at: www.facebook.com/alfateksystems

We are confident that 3D bio-printing technologies can truly revolutionize health-care and we remain committed to working with research teams in India to develop the next breakthroughs in tissue and organ fabrication.

You can learn more about our organization through the following presentation.