Stretching the Limits of 3D Printing

Alfatek Systems is an IIT-IIM venture in rapid prototyping technologies and solutions.

We build FDM based 3D printing machinery based on open source GPL and cater to the professional and industrial segments. We are the first Indian manufacturer to get rated in the high resolution category of FDM based printers by 3D Hubs, the world's largest network of 3D printers, and currently enjoy a 5-star rating for the quality of our prints. Our 3D printers have been installed at reputed institutions like IIT Kharagpur and Tega Industries for more than a year and we enjoy their continued patronage through repeat orders and referrals.

Apart from selling our brand of 3D printers, we also provide 3D printing solutions from design validation to final prototyping. This is especially useful for companies engaged in new product development wherein design errors can be identified prior to production, thus saving on time, and money. Our prototyping services are being used by clients like La Opala, CTC India, and Qualitas.

Apart from rapid protoyping using 3D printers, we also provide design and consultancy services in electronics rapid prototyping using smart sensors, embedded electronics, and advanced data analytics to provide complete end-to-end solutions to critical industrial and commercial problems. Our clients include Arantec, EITS Global, Rugged.Interactive, and Sensor Mobility.