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3D Bio-printing, which promises to revolutionize the space of tissue-engineering, organ fabrication, regenerative and personalized medicine, is an extremely difficult and complex area of research. It is not just the machine, but also the inks, the protocols, the trained man-power, the product customizations - the entire eco-system that matters.

Alfatek Systems has provided this entire eco-system for numerous public and private institutions - both in academia and industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help accelerate your research!

Our Installations

We are present in more than 100 R&D labs in India. Some of our prominent customers:

  • AIIMS, New Delhi

  • SCTIMST, Trivandrum

  • IITs

  • CSIR Labs

  • NIPERs, IISERs, etc

Our Community Engagements

We have delivered a large number of guest lectures and webinars on 3D bio-printing, in association with various Govt R&D institutions like IITs, IISc, etc, and private universities like VIT Vellore, JIS, etc.

We have signed MoUs and active R&D collaborations with a number of reputed universities like IIT KGP, DMIMS, IISc, SCTIMST, etc.

We have also participated in peer-review process of international journal articles

  • JPMPB published by Taylor & Francis, USA

  • SBAOI, STERMI, India

Our Publications

We have co-authored four international journal publications in 3D bio-printing, together with our research partners in various R&D institutions. Some prominent journals:

  • JMR Cambridge, UK

  • JPMPB Philadelphia, USA

  • Biointerphases, AIP, USA

Our International Partners

We have partnered with some of the best 3D Bio-printer and 3D bio-ink manufacturing companies in the world to bring you advanced technologies.

Our 3D Bio-printer partners:

  • RegenHU, Switzerland

Our 3D Bio-ink parnters:

  • Manchester Biogel, UK